Georgia Gulf to change name to Axiall

16:11 PM | January 14, 2013 | Lindsay Frost

Georgia Gulf Corp. (GGC) says it will change its name to Axiall once the pending acquisition of PPG’s commodity chemicals business is completed. Axiall will now trade under the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol AXLL.

“The new name is the result of more than five months of effort and creativity by a group of employees from both Georgia Gulf and PPG,” says Paul Carrico, president and CEO. “The new and distinctive brand represents a clear break from the legacy names of the two businesses, and gives us the flexibility to enter new markets, make future acquisitions, and diversify our portfolio without the need to rebrand our organization.” The $2.1-billion acquisition of PPG's commodity chemical business was announced in July 2012 and is expected to be completed later this month.