TPC Group to Restart Dehydrogenation Unit at Houston

16:31 PM | February 4, 2011 | Lindsey Bewley

TPC Group says it will spend about $5 million restart one of its two idled dehydrogenation units at Houston. Commencement of construction is contingent on obtaining the necessary operating permits, with completion expected to be completed by this summer, TPC Group says.

The dehydrogenation assets will provide feedstock isobutylene for the production of polyisobutylene and high purity isobutylene and diisobutylene. TPC operates two independent, world-scale dehydrogenation units at Houston complex. These existing assets, if refurbished, could be capable of producing isobutylene, butene-1, butadiene, isoprene and on-purpose propylene from natural gas liquids, the company says.  
“TPC Group has a long history of producing isobutylene using our dehydrogenation assets,” says Michael Bloesch, v.p./strategic initiatives at TPC Group. “With butane feedstock availability increasing and the resulting product markets in a structurally short position, we believe that a unique opportunity exists to generate value for our stockholders by returning these assets to service.”
TPC Group says it is exploring opportunities for the restart of the second dehydrogenation unit at the site.