21:21 PM | January 27, 2011

Second Annual GPCA Plastics Summit Focused on Technology and Innovation announced for 4-6 April 2011

Dubai, UAE. January 27 2011
The current Gulf production capacities of plastics resins stands at slightly over 18 Million tons per annum, with this figure projected to increase to over 30 Million tons per annum by the year 2015, according to a recent study.
As a result, the Gulf’s global share of key plastic resins (polyethylene and polypropylene) which is currently 13 and 11 percent respectively will increase by 2015 to 18 and 15 percent respectively. This phenomenal growth as well as the new plastics resins that will be produced for the first time in the Gulf such as the engineering plastics and synthetic rubber will stimulate a new set of downstream plastic conversion industries in the region.  
With this backdrop, the Gulf Petrochemicals & Chemicals Association (GPCA) is pleased to announce its second GPCA Plastics Summit, which will take place at the Intercontinental Hotel in Festival City, Dubai from April 4th to 6th 2011.
The first day of the summit, April 4th, will mark the welcome reception for all attendees, a perfect setting for introductions, informal discussions and networking. The second day’s agenda will be centered on three themes: ways in which the Gulf can grow to eventually become a global powerhouse in plastic products, analyzing emerging trends and new growth opportunities in the Gulf, and how to efficiently manage plastic waste in manners that will reduce environmental damage. The final day of the summit will focus on success stories within the last year and the lessons learned.
Industry renowned leaders such as Ziad Labban, CEO of Petro Rabigh, will explain how technology has developed and inspired the push for the regional use of plastics. Furthermore, Research Director of AMI, Andrew Reynolds, will discuss the expected trends of global plastics conversion and explain the role of the GCC.
After a successful first summit in June 2010, over 400 industry-wide delegates are expected to attend this highly-anticipated event. The Summit is seen as the ideal medium for delegates to learn about upcoming investment opportunities and explore new ways in which the GCC can create profitable ‘green’ businesses.
Dr. Abdulwahab Al-Sadoun, Secretary General of the GPCA, said that while the “plastics industry is often a target for being socially irresponsible”, events such as the “GPCA Plastics Summit are designed to burst myths and provide a platform to exchange ideas and best practices.” The Summit will also have a session dedicated to Plastic Waste Management whereby distinguished speakers will shed light on international approaches to efficiently utilize the valuable plastic waste. Moreover the Secretary General also mentioned the high standards of the summit, where he boasted about the Summit attracting an “unrivalled and influential portfolio of industry spokespeople.”
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Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) is the first such association to represent the interests of the industry in the Middle East and it has brought a major dimension to its task by creating both a forum for discussion and a place where likeminded people can meet and share concepts and ideas. Since its inception in March 2006, the GPCA has earned the enviable reputation for steering the regional industry towards a whole new level of co-operation and raising the standard in terms of common ground interests.
As the regions’ Petrochemicals and Chemicals Industry’s most respected representative body, GPCA will continue its efforts to enhance the role of the region in international debate and policy making while always ensuring that its doors are always open to its members and it acts as a catalyst for focusing attention on matters on issues relevant to the industry.
GPCA’s mission is singular and specific in that it intends to support the growth and sustainable development of the petrochemical and chemical industries in the Gulf in partnership with its members and stakeholders and be both a sounding board and a meeting point for debate and discussion. Additional information is available at
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