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Why IHS Chemical Week?

  • 100-year tradition of editorial excellence: Informed news and analysis in a format tailored to industry leaders.
  • Endorsed by the biggest chemical producers in the world for thought leading analysis.
  • The only source that provides comprehensive coverage of the entire global chemical enterprise.
  • Unique analytical capabilities: CW draws on broader IHS expertise to provide unparalleled insight and data-driven analysis.
  • Daily news and market analysis on chemweek.com.
  • Exclusive rankings: Billion Dollar Club, Executive Compensation, R&D Spending, E&C, and Top Institutional Investors.
  • Global Outlook Issue – first issue of the year with a look ahead at the year to come.
  • Special issues with a market, company or regional focus.
  • Access to archives dating back to 1992.

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As recognized by top CEOs, Business Daily is a required read for the chemical industry.  

Available only to Premium subscribers, Business Daily is an exclusive daily digest of insider intelligence. 

Delivered in the form e-newsletter directly from the desk of CW’s Editor-in-Chief, Business Daily helps chemical industry leaders keep track of what really matters.                            

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Andrew Liveris"Chemical Week does a tremendous job of keeping Dow people connected to the latest news and developments, providing a unique perspective on the industry activities, market dynamics, and economic trends that are so critical to the strategic decision making process.”

- Andrew Liveris, Chairman, Dow Chemical

Mukesh D. Ambani“Chemical Week has reflected the aspirations and accomplishment of the global chemical industry in a defining manner. Players in the industry have been inspired by Chemical Week to overcome hurdles and seek new challenges.”

- Mukesh D. Ambani, Chairman & Managing Director, Reliance Industries Ltd.



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