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Consumer Care Division

Location:4090 Premier Dr.
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High Point, NC 27261-2444
• cibacel®: Anionic dyebath conditioner
• cibafast®: UV absorbers
• cibafast® h: UV absorber and antioxidant for product protection & stabilization
• cibafix®: Cationic formaldehyde-free wet fixing agent
• cibaflow®: Nonionic, non-silicone defoamer
• cibaflow®: Anionic de-aerating agents with anti-foaming action
• cibafluid®: Anionic lubricants
• cibapon®: Washing agents
• cibatex®: Specialized dyeing auxiliaries
• ciba® albatex®: Slightly anionic silicone containing product with de-aerating effect and durable anti-foam action
• ciba® albegal®: Slightly anionic de-aerating and penetration accelerant with foam suppressing properties
• ciba® albegal®: Leveling agents
• ciba® alcoprint®: Binders, print auxiliaries, thickeners
• ciba® alcosperse®: Polymeric dispersant & protective colloid agent
• ciba® burst®: Long-lasting reacted silicone defoamer
• ciba® colsize®: Acrylic copolymer sizes
• ciba® colvinal®: Vinyl copolymer size
• ciba® dicrylan®: Copolymer resins that improve stiffness, abrasion resistance, anti-pill, tensile strenght & dimensional stability
• ciba® erional®: Anionic dyebath fixative
• ciba® fornax®: Anti-slippage agents
• Ciba® Hydroclean®: Dyeing equipment cleaner
• ciba® hydrofix: Formaldehyde-free fixing agent
• ciba® hydrosist®: Nonionic low-foaming dispersing & leveling agents & lubricants
• ciba® invadine®: Detergents & wetting agents
• ciba® invatex®: Multi-functional products for desizing and alkaline scouring
• ciba® iragon: Home care colors
• ciba® irgalite: Pigments for paper
• ciba® irgasan®: Highly effective antimicrobial with a wide range of efficacy suitable for personal care, household and polymer applications
• ciba® irgasol®: Anionic protective colloids & general purpose dispersing agents
• ciba® irgasol®: Anionic emulsifier and dispersant
• ciba® lodyne: Grease resistance for Paper
• ciba® lyoprint®: Print auxiliaries
• Ciba® megasoft®: Silicone softeners
• ciba® migafar®: Gives hydropilicity and stain release properties to polyester fabrics
• ciba® miglo: Pigments for Paper
• ciba® pergabase: Dyes for paper
• ciba® pergascript: Colorformers for paper
• ciba® pergasol: Dyes for paper
• ciba® puricolor: FD&C and D&C quality colors for personal care products
• ciba® pyrovatex®: Flame retardant
• ciba® salcare®: Full range of easy-to-use thickeners & conditioners
• ciba® sapamine®: Softeners and softener concentrates
• ciba® silvatol®: Low foaming wetting agent & detergents, metal complexing agents, and scouring & cleaning agents
• ciba® solfix®: Cationic fixative
• ciba® stabilon®: Peroxide stabilizers
• ciba® syncol®: Polyacrylic acid sizes
• ciba® tescol®: Acrylic copolymer sizes
• ciba® thermasol: Dye migration inhibitor
• ciba® tinegal®: Nonionic polyester leveler
• ciba® tinobloc: Fluorescent Quencher for Paper
• ciba® tinoclarite®: Peroxide bleach stabilizers and chelating agents
• ciba® tinoderm: Nanotopes for skin care
• ciba® tinofix: Fixatives / Retention Aids for Paper
• ciba® tinofix: Cationic, formaldehyde-free fastness improvers
• ciba® tinofix: Fabric fixative
• ciba® tinoguard: UV absorber and antioxidant for product protection & stabilization
• ciba® tinolux bbs: Photobleaching agent for bleaching, bluing and sanitizing effects
• ciba® tinopal: Fluorescent Whiteners for Paper
• ciba® tinopal®: Fluorescent whitening agents
• ciba® tinosorb: UV absorbers for sunscreens and day care products
• ciba® tinosorb fd/fr: UV absorbers for use in laundry products. Turns fabrics into high performance sunscreens
• ciba® tinotex: Softener additive for fabric care products
• ciba® tinozyme®: Stabilized bacterial amaylase for enzymatic desizing of starch containing fabrics
• ciba® tinuvin®: UV absorbers
• ciba® turpex®: Softeners
• Ciba® ultraphil®: Imparts durable hydrophilicity and softness to synthetic fabrics & blends
• ciba® ultrasof®: Softeners
• ciba® ultratex®: Silicone softeners
• ciba® ultravon®: General purpose wetting agents and detergents
• ciba® univadine®: Highly efficient, high temperature stable dispersant
• ciba® univadine®: Anionic levelers, dispersants & oligomer dispersants
• ciba® uvitex®: Optical brighteners
• ciba® vibracolor: Approved personal care colors
• ciba® zerostat®: Anti-static agents
• ciba® zonyl®: Stain release and water & stain repellent products
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