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IHS Chemical Week: The authoritative intelligence source for chemical industry executives worldwide

For 100 years we have been committed to creating exceptional editorial content, available in the format our readers need: real-time through their desktops and mobile devices or print, as a magazine delivered to their desks.

IHS Chemical Week helps industry executives and professionals stay ahead of breaking news, and enable leaders to anticipate and respond to major industry shifts and technological developments.


Chemical Week has reflected the aspirations and accomplishment of the global chemical industry in a defining manner. Players in the industry have been inspired by Chemical Week to overcome hurdles and seek new challenges.”

Mukesh D. Ambani, Chairman & Managing Director, Reliance Industries Ltd.


About IHS Chemical Week

Superior global coverage

With editorial offices around the world, IHS 
Chemical Week
is written for a global audience of senior business executives and decision makers that value the accuracy of its incisive writing, international outlook and market analysis.

IHS Chemical Week provides focused coverage of several critical issues in the industry, including:
• Energy and feedstock prices
• Chemical regulations, particularly REACH
• Education and human resources management
• Corporate social responsibility

Targeted editorial for vertical markets

Throughout the year, IHS Chemical Week offers unrivaled value to advertisers by including enhanced editorial, targeted to select segments of the industry:
• Pharmaceutical ingredients
• Soap & cosmetics/personal care
• Adhesives & sealants
• Paints & coatings
• Food ingredients
• Finance & legal

These focused issues have bonus circulation and present a spot-on editorial environment for delivering a specialized advertising message to our audience.

Chemical Week should be your ONLY choice

  • Global reach, with readers in 190 countries

  • Prime visibility at industry events such as Informex, AFMP, APLA, ACI, NACD, APIC, CPhI, EPCA and Chemspec.

  • More complete penetration into the financial community than any other chemical industry publication

Preferred by CEOs…

Chemical Week is the magazine of choice for top-level executives. According to a recent survey, CEOs get more value
from Chemical Week than competing magazines.

…and by purchasing decision-makers

According to the organizers’ survey, Chemical Week continues to be the top-read publication among key pharmaceutical professionals at the CPhI Worldwide show.





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